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Dear loyal GCI Customers, please allow me to express that I and the entire GCI family hope that you, your family, friends, neighbors, and social circles are healthy and will remain healthy.  You should all continue to follow the CDC Hygiene Recommendations, and be advised our GCI Teams are doing so as well.  

Our great country is going through an unprecedented time.  Our great state of Indiana is also experiencing all of the unknowns and “what if’s” with mass-shutdowns.  The anxiety I have felt for my family, employees, and the entire country I know are not my own but shared equally with all of you, and for that matter the entire world.  As we rely on our principles, our faith, our constitution and our leaders for guidance, I am seeing company after company, and leader after leader reaching out to their groups to inform them of their situation, especially when it comes to what their business’ are doing, and whether or not they are open for business.  So, I have a two-fold message to share.

The first is to express how extremely grateful and proud we are to serve you all.   The second is to state clearly, that under Indiana Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order that all non-essential businesses in Indiana close their doors that we are designated an Essential Business.  This is not self-appointed.  We are on the list provided by all authorities.  Therefore, GCI Slingers, GCI Transport, and GCI Coatings are Open for business.   Like all Essential Construction Companies, we are open to serve our customers and our communities.

With that said, the steps we have taken to protect our employees, our customers, and our communities have been extreme.  In our unique business, it has been possible for us to cut out all person to person contact entirely.   This means, that while we will not be shaking hands or possibly even seeing each other for some time, the work GCI is hired to do will be getting done at the same professional and expert level everyone has come to expect from the GCI Teams. 


If our shop services are needed, we have several procedures in place to make this possible, while remaining entirely safe for all parties involved.   We have gone paperless for the time being in all departments, and all staff has multi-step procedures in place to protect both you the customer and themselves.   Please know, we are open for business, but we are putting the health and safety of everyone first. Please feel free to reach out to any of our happy to be working employees to ask them how proud they are of GCI’s overwhelming safety response to the Covid-19 virus.

Again, thank you for the business; we are here to serve you all, under this new normal.  And as always, GCI is here to serve you and all of your needs, every minute, every mile, and every day!!

Live Confidently, Act Wisely, Serve Selflessly 

Aaron Witmer  

C.O.O GCI Companies.




The ULTRA STONE SLINGER™ puts dirt, mulch, topsoil, screening, aggregates and sand precisely where you need it. With a 220º working pivot radius and an increased angulation of 23º above and below the horizontal, the ULTRA STONE SLINGER™ conveyor accurately places material up to 90 feet from the end of the truck, eliminating material handling, reducing construction time and improving your bottom line.

Verizon Connect is guiding a connected world on the go by automating, optimizing and revolutionizing the way people, vehicles and things move through the world. Our full suite of industry-defining solutions and services put innovation, automation and connected data to work for customers and help them be safer, more efficient and more productive. With more than 3,500 dedicated employees in 15 countries, we deliver leading mobile technology platforms and solutions. For more on Verizon Connect, visit


Check out the video below to see how GCI benefits from Verizon Connect! 



With Verizon Connect REVEAL, GCI receives actionable metrics that promote driver safety and accountability, improve fleet longevity and better control job costs and profits.

With Verizon Connect REVEAL, GCI receives actionable metrics that promote driver safety and accountability, improve fleet longevity and better control job costs and profits. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased transparency: Additional communication between drivers and managers. Instead of needing to make phone calls, the platform provides near real-time data to see where trucks and drivers are on their routes, monitor harsh driving through mobile alerts and review historical reports in the case of an incident.

  • Receiving tax rebates: Ability to track time when drivers are off the road working on a job and driving on the road. After sharing this data with accountants, GCI was able to save $90,000 last tax season through tax rebates for off-road fuel.

  • Protecting investments: Identify fleet maintenance issues and order necessary parts needed to repair trucks. This allows vehicles to be repaired quickly and according to the trucks scheduled maintenance repairs. Doing so ensures truck longevity and eliminates unnecessary spending.

For more information on how Verizon Connect has helped customers like GCI promote safety and increase efficiency and productivity, please visit


An ever-expanding list of possibilities.


Slab home & Basement homes, driveways, and sidewalks. 


Apartment complexes to large office complex slabs. 


Underground Retention / Detention Filling, Seashore repair & Erosion Control, and MUCH MORE!




The perfect combination of lightness and ruggedness!

By far the most versatile of its category. Is construction of AR steel with grades ranging from 250 Brinell to 500 Brinell, enables this body to perform remarkably well in robust conditions (excavating), while being significantly lighter than comparable bodies. Moreover, the steel used in its construction provides this body with an outstanding wear resistance factor as well as an impressive resistance to loading impacts.

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Drainage Boards done right!



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