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The Ultra Stone Slinger
Safe, sure and durable, the Ultra Stone Slinger™ is custom built with the finest materials and components, exceeding the most exacting demands of the construction industry. Over the years the Stone Slinger™, by W.K. Dahms has earned a reputation for rugged reliability, backed by the industry’s best service support team. 

GCI Slingers, LLC DBA Gravel Conveyors, Inc. would like to announce that we are now the distributor of the most rugged and reliable stone spreader on the market today, the ” Ultra Stone Slinger” by W.K. Dahm’s MFG. LTD. 

The ULTRA STONE SLINGER™ by W.K. Dahms Mfg. Ltd. is the new standard for the “precise placement” materials delivery systems.

The Ultra is a Stone Slinger™ on steroids. Its live bottom conveyor system eliminates gates, beams and the issues associated with them. Powered by a robust planetary drive, the live bottom system offloads smoothly to the conveyor belt.

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The Stone Slinger™ & Chassis Selection Process allows us to maximize the Stone Slinger™ configuration. At W.K. Dahms, we work with our dealers and customers to ensure that their unit will meet their legal DOT weight and axle configuration specifications. For each unit built, a chassis layout drawing based on the legal GVWR, is completed. This is critical to ensure that the unit will meet the road rules in its jurisdiction.

Choose from five basic models with numerous options available to suit your specific needs. For special applications, rely on our Engineering Services to create a unique 40 cu. yd. or trailerized solutions using Stone Slinger™ technologies.



With an ever-increasing list of applications, the ultra stone slinger is one of the most versatile pieces of machinery available. 


Combining the ease of use and the ability to move tons of material the ultra stone slinger will save you valuable time on a per job basis.  


The remote-controlled system coupled with the incredible drive system in the conveying motor ensures the most accurate placement machine on the market. 


Standard Information 

Under Body Apron Conveyor:

  • 26”  or 36" Wide pintle chain assembly

  • 330 PIW belting mechanically fastened to cross slats

  • 22” Effective belt exposure between skirting

  • Engineered to carry full capacity in transit

  • Variable speed hydraulic/planetary gearbox drive


High-Speed Boom Conveyor:

  • 14” x 19’ c/w 35° troughed idlers

  • Endless hot vulcanized chevron belt

  • Rubber-clad drive roll

  • Variable speed (0-3700 ft/min) hydraulic motor drive

  • Full hydraulic lift, swing and rotate

  • Left or right conveyor parking for travel


Control Systems:

Full manual valve control from an elevated work station, with 3 function boom maneuverability at ground level.

Full manual valve control from an elevated work station, with full controls at ground level.

Hetronic™ BMSII Proportional Radio Remote Control of all functions including engine throttle.


Basic Body Dimension:

Body (LxWxH) 8’6” x 16’ x 6’-7 1⁄2”

  • Plus 6” White Oak box extensions

  • Plus 12” Arched Tarp system

Overall Height on the chassis with extensions and tarp: 8’-1 1⁄2”
Overall Length with conveyor parked on fender: 20’6”

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