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Ultra Stone Slinger XL18
Capacity Top of Steel: 17.15

Capacity Top of White Oak: 20.0 cu/yd

Net Weight: 9600 lbs. / 4364 kg


Under Body Apron Conveyor:
 26” wide pintle chain assembly
 330 PIW belting mechanically fastened to cross slats
 22” Effective belt exposure between skirting
 Engineered to carry full capacity in transit
 Variable speed hydraulic/planetary
gear box drive


High Speed Boom Conveyor:
 14” x 19’ c/w 35° troughed idlers
 Endless hot vulcanized chevron belt
 Rubber-clad drive roll
 Variable speed (0-3700 ft/min) hydraulic motor drive
 Full hydraulic lift, swing and rotate
 Left or right conveyor parking for travel


Control Systems:
Full manual valve control from an elevated
work station, with 3 function boom maneuverability at ground level.
Full manual valve control from an elevated
work station, with full controls at ground level.
Hetronic™ BMSII Proportional Radio Remote Control of all functions including engine throttle.


Basic Body Dimension:
Body 8’ 6” x (16′, 18’ or 20’) x 6’-7 1/2” High plus 6” White Oak box extensions, plus 12” arched tarp system for an 8’-1 1/2”overall height on the chassis

Overall Length With Conveyor Parked on Fender: 24’ 6”


Recommended Chassis:
 Heavy construction chassis
 20,000 lb. front / 46,000 lb. rears
 Consult distributor and truck dealer for specifications and auxiliary axle requirements specific to your state or provincial regulations

Cab to Axle Requirement: 156” – 200”
Dependent on state or provincial regulations.


Pump / P.T.O.:
andem, Cast Iron, 3000 psi Bushing Bearing Gear Pump direct mount to air shift power take off.


Oil Cooler:
2 – High Efficiency, Light Weight, 12VDC, Thermostat-Controlled Dual Fan Air-Oil Heat Exchangers.


 Standard Hydraulic “Power Drive”
 Optional Second Friction Drive


Standard Features:
 1/4” Grey HMW
 Electronic Engine Throttle Control
 Hydraulic Vibrator
 Manually Operated Arched Mesh Tarp System
 Mud Flaps

 Dual Location Control (Manual Valves)
 12VDC Power Tarp Drive System
 18” Arched Tarp
 Vinyl Tarp vs. Mesh (12” or 18”)
 Aero 575 12VDC Powered Flip Mesh Tarp System
 Custom Color Paint (Non-Metallic)
 LED Lighting Package
 Pneumatic Swing-Out Platform (Radio Valves)



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